Warehouse for Grains - Inflatable Warehouse for Grain Storage

Warehouse for Grains - Inflatable Warehouse for Grain Storage

The Grain Warehouse is a solution created by PISTELLI PELZ for the storage of grain crops including corn, beans, soybeans and so on.

The PISTELLI PELZ Inflatable Grain Warehouse is made from a flexible fiber composite and HTPES, HDPE, LDPE and PVC film, which provides better safety and reliability for grain storage.

Pistelli Pelz offers the Warehouse for Grains location for all cities in Brazil and for the most varied agricultural products.

The Inflatable Grain Warehouse has the solution so the customer can store their grain in an efficient and safe way. Having easy mobility in case you need to move.

Fast delivery

With fast delivery, inflatable canopy can remain in place for as long as the customer wishes. In terms of storage volume, Pistelli's inflatable roof can reach 100% utilization, depending on the intended use.

The customer is the one who will define the width and length of the inflatable cover to be installed, considering the available measures.

The inflatable roof Pistelli allows the entry of forklifts, trucks and wagons. This type of inflatable roof is backed up in the event of a lack of electric power, as well as permanent technical assistance.

Pistelli has specialized teams working fast and excellence in service. Pack your inflatable canopy with Pistelli.

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