Rental Air Supported Tents

Rental Air Supported Tents

Air Supporte Structure

The Pistelli Air Supported Tents is a solution for the temporary or even permanent storage of various products in the most diversified markets of Brazil and the world.

The leasing of an inflatable shed has become a very relevant alternative for the most diverse segments, among them, sugar mills, fertilizers, soybeans, grains, industries in general, etc.

With fast delivery, the inflatable shed can remain assembled for as long as the customer wishes. In storage volume, the inflatable shed, can reach 100% depending on the use.

The Air Supported Tents will be sized according to the width and length required by the customer, following the measures available. The Pistelli Air Supported Tents allows the entry of forklifts, trucks and wagons. This type of Inflatable is backed up in the event of a lack of electricity, in addition to permanent technical assistance.

Over the years, the rental of a Pistelli Air Supported Tents has become the sure quality and speed for storing your products!

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