Rental Air Dome in Finland

Rental Air Dome in Finland

Air Domes, practicality and economy!

The Pistelli Air Dome is an option widely used by industries of several segments, among them, sugar mills, fertilizers, soybeans, grains, industries of all types, among others.

In the lease, the immediate cost of the rental Air dome is considerably lower in relation to the purchase or construction.

With the Rental Air Domes, companies do not have to immediately make large amounts of cash or credit, because the monthly cost will be relatively low. Leasing an Rental Air Dome is a quick option for lack of space within the companies.

The Air Dome is made of flexible fiber composite and HTPES, HDPE, LDPE and PVC film.

The Air Dome has an electric and diesel ventilation system with automatic starting, in case of lack of electricity. The access is by means of locks, ante camera, for the entrance of forklifts, trucks or even cart.

This type of Air Domes can be mounted on any type of floor and does not require foundations. It has quick assembly and can be relocated easily, depending on the need of each customer.

With free space, totally usable, the Air Domes can have several sizes, that are adapted to the need of each client.

Rent an air dome with Pistelli!

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