Warehouse for Grains - Inflatable Warehouse for Grain Storage

Warehouse for Grains - Inflatable Warehouse for Grain Storage

Grain Storage is a solution created for PISTELLI PELZ for storing the grain harvest.

PISTELLI PELZ Grain Storage is made from a flexible composite of HTPES, HDPE, LDPE and PVC fibers and films, which provides better safety and reliability for grain storage.

Pistelli Pelz offers the Grain Storage lease is made to all cities in Brazil and to the most varied products of the agricultural market.

Grain storage has the solution so that the customer can store it in an efficient and safe way. Having easy mobility in case you need to move.

The inflatable warehouse can be mounted on any type of floor and does not require foundations.

This type of inflatable warehouse has quick assembly and can be relocated easily depending on the need of each customer.

With fully free go free, the inflatable warehouse can have several sizes, which are tailored to each customer's need.

Renting an inflatable warehouse with Pistelli is an important choice for the temporary storage of your products.

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