Industrial Air Dome | Rent a Industrial Air Dome

Industrial Air Dome | Rent Industrial Air Dome

Adaptable to any type of soil!

The installation of a Pistelli industrial air dome is quick and economical. Adaptable to any type of soil, the inflatable shed does not require floor preparation. This type of industrial air dome is fixed to the ground, with total safety, through metal stakes or anchor bolts, making it easy and quick to move to another location.

The Pistelli industrial air dome has use of the storage area, which can reach 100% and also allows entries for trucks, trucks or forklifts.

The industrial air dome has an automatic backup system in case of power failure and signaling of any faults.

In the manufacture of industrial air dome, Pistelli uses high quality materials, dimensioned according to DIN standards.

Renting an industrial air dome is an option widely used by industries of several segments, among them, sugar mills, fertilizers, soybeans, grains, industries that cover several segments, among others.

You rent the Pistelli Industrial Air Dome, for as long as you want, without having to build anything!

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